The Young Blvd. Manifesto.

Think back to when you were a little kid. Do you remember those idle times when you closed your eyes and imagined you could soar through the sky weightless as a bird. When you dreamed that you could do or be anything your imagination could think of. Becoming the next president, doctor, lawyer or even the greatest athlete in the world didn’t seem so farfetched.  Your bright eyes of youth; your spirit running on sheer exuberance unapogeticaly told the world your innermost aspirations. So you grew up...

Where did those dreams go?

Young Blvd. represents a common DNA of dreamers, risk takers, and revolutionaries. Never settling for what's "normal." Go after your dreams with every ounce of strength and fortitude you can muster inside. Remember if you really believe in your dreams, they are always worth fighting for. 

Young Blvd. works together with schools to introduce new opportunities through mentoring; preparing youth to go after their dreams, now rather than later. 

                                                                                                                                               Find your Blvd...