Violett Beane Shares New Movie – Truth or Dare, Life as a Young Actress, and Why She Became a Vegan

It's important for every single person, "famous" or not, to be involved in society. In my opinion, fighting for equality, for animals or humans, is the most important thing.

The very talented and hardworking Austin, TX born actress Violett Beane took some time out with the Blvd. to share her new movie Truth or Dare (in the theaters now.)  You may also recognize Violett starring as Jesse Quick on CW’s The Flash or featured on HBO’s The Leftovers. A human and animal rights activist Violett doesn’t mind being in the spotlight for what she believes in.

Your new film “Truth or Dare” is in theaters now! Tell me about the movie and your role as Markie Cameron?

VIOLETT: The movie’s about a group of college kids who spend their last spring break in Mexico. On their final night there, they get convinced to play a game of truth or dare, but when they return home, they slowly realize the game has followed them. If they don’t complete their dare or tell the truth, they DIE. Markie is the hot mess of the group, she is dealing with a lot of family stuff and has trust issues. The game latches on to that and uses it against her and her friends.

What was the atmosphere on set during the production of this film?

VIOLETT: We all had such a blast! We actually went to Mexico for a day and night before we started filming and it was such an awesome bonding experience. So once we started filming, we were already good friends. We shot for about 25 days in the summer on location in Los Angeles and it was basically just like hanging with friends for a month!

You’ve played the superhero ‘Jesse Quick’ on CW’s The Flash, what was it like playing a darker role in ‘Truth or Dare’?

VIOLETT: It was a total 180° from playing Jesse to playing Markie, but I love being able to do that as an actor! Jesse also has some family history, but overall Markie is having a harder time dealing with it. I got to dive pretty deep into what drives Markie and I really loved it.

Keeping busy, you were on Season 2 of HBO’s The Leftover’s, and NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’, tell us about your role on the Fox series The Resident?

VIOLETT: I play Lily Kendall  a terminal-cancer patient. As the season unfolds, you start to realize that Lily’s primary doctor, Dr. Lane is up to something with her patients, something that ultimately may have led to Lily’s death a couple weeks ago. Playing Lily has been very different from other characters because she is very soft-spoken and gentle, something I don’t feel like I am, so it was a very unique experience working with her.

And how did you prep for this part?

VIOLETT: When I got the audition I researched Lily’s type of Leukemia, but a lot of what I found were just symptoms and treatment information. I dove deeper by finding video blogs on YouTube about people who lived in hospitals for months-on-end dealing with terminal illnesses like Lily’s. I was able to really see what they were thinking and feeling and it helped me develop Lily’s emotional responses to her circumstance.

We know every actor has a backstory. When did you make the decision that you were going to commit yourself fully to your craft?

VIOLETT: I took theatre in middle and high school, but it wasn’t until my senior year when I really decided that college wasn’t what I needed. I found an agent in Austin, TX, my hometown, and started going out on auditions and submitting self-tapes. From there, I met my manager and then eventually moved out to LA.

What personal hurdles have you faced along the way?

“-there is A LOT of rejection. I’m still figuring out how to navigate all of that, but surrounding myself with people who encourage and push me, has been the best remedy.” -Violett Beane on the Entertainment Industry

VIOLETT: This industry can definitely make you doubt yourself, professionally and personally. It’s impossible to not compare yourself to other people in the audition room, or to whomever finally gets the role. There’s not any feedback when it comes to auditioning and there is A LOT of rejection. I’m still figuring out how to navigate all of that, but surrounding myself with people who encourage and push me, has been the best remedy.

Who has been an inspirational force in your life that helps you keep pushing forward?

VIOLETT: My mom has always been someone I look up to. She raised both my brother and I as a single mom while teaching art to middle-school kids. She’s such a great artist herself. My boyfriend has also been there for me through pretty much everything and is so supportive, it’s unbelievable.

If you could share the stage with any actor/actress past or present who would that be and why?

VIOLETT: I fell in love with Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black. As an actor, I’m constantly analyzing shows and movies while I watch them but when I watch her, I totally lose it in the performance and don’t even realize she’s playing multiple characters. I feel like I could learn a lot by working with her.

You support many important causes ranging from: societal issues (abortion rights, ending rape violence, and gun control), animal rights (PETA and The Humane Society of United States) what made you want to get involved?

Photo Credit: Storm Santos

VIOLETT: It’s important for every single person, “famous” or not, to be involved in society. In my opinion, fighting for equality, for animals or humans, is the most important thing. As my career grows, I will continue to use my voice for those who are oppressed and to spread awareness.

Your new PETA ad gets the point across clearly. When and why did you decide to give up meat and become a vegan?

VIOLETT: For me, switching to a plant-based diet was a combination of factors. I’ve always loved animals, so of course that was part of it, but the way we farm meat and diary actually has a huge negative impact on our bodies and our environment. Our meat farming techniques create an immense amount of greenhouse gases, not to mention they use much of our land and water to grow the feed for the animals. I also believe that our treatment of animals for our own enjoyment has a direct correlation to our treatment of each other.

Do you have any advice for youth who want to take your path, but have no idea where to start?

VIOLETT: Get involved. You won’t know if you really enjoy acting or working in the film industry until you try. Join a theatre class. Look for an agent. Submit yourself online to websites like Backstage.

On the lighter side can you tell us about your bunny Milo, and Kora the puppy?

VIOLETT:  I have two of the world’s sweetest animals living in my home. Milo is a three year old lop-eared bunny who is so soft, and Kora is a six month Klee Kai who looks like a mini wolf. They’re the best!

You can also Check out Violett on the new CBS Series “God Friended Me”




Photo Credit: Storm Santos

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