Political Artist Shepard Fairey was at it again

If you were at the post-inaugural women’s march you may have seen these eye-catching posters floating around. The iconic works-of -art were created by the political artistic treasure Shepard Fairey who made the legendary split tone poster of president Obama back in 2008. In partnership with theamplifierfoundation.org they raised over $1 million in a kick starter campaign to make sure these posters made it into the hands of  the women they were meant to represent.


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The turnout for this Saturday’s worldwide Women’s March was absolutely phenomenal. I was blown away by the amount of people who participated, but mostly I was incredibly inspired by the positivity and creativity! There were lot’s of homemade We The People signs and hand drawn signs with witty copy writing and great concepts.

I was blown away by this picture my friend Bill McRight’s mom took in Florida. These women, who painted themselves like two of the We The People images, went all out! There were zero arrests at the two largest marches in LA and DC – proof that civility and respect are possible on a large scale. RISE ABOVE!

Purchase prints here: https://obeygiant.com/prints/

Photo: Rev. Paige



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