Parker Wierling – Feature Film Actor in Tom Hanks “GreyHound” – TailorMade Music – Interview

The actor, musician, and singer-songwriter Parker Wierling shares the story behind his career. Featured in the upcoming Tom Hanks WWII drama “Greyhound” Parker's also been in popular shows like The Walking Dead and ABC’s: Speechless.

Tell me about your upcoming film “Greyhound” (Sony Pictures May-2020).

Parker Wierling: Greyhound is a gritty, realistic WWII navy film. It follows Captain Krause as he tries to guide cargo ships and his crew across the North Atlantic, through enemy infested waters to England. 

You play alongside the film icon Tom Hanks in a Nazi WWII era picture. What did you take most from that experience?

Parker: Working with Tom Hanks was an incredible experience. Saving Private Ryan was one of my favorite movies ever growing up, so being in a WWII movie with Tom Hanks was so surreal!  

You’ve been performing since 8 years of age, how did you get your start?

Parker: I got a taste for acting at my first summer theatre camp in Valdosta, GA. My grandparents signed me up for it because they thought I might enjoy it! I had no idea it would change the course of my life forever. Throughout my early teens I was in all the theatre productions in middle school and the local community theatre. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I delved into the film and TV side. 

You’re resume‘ includes: The 5th Wave”, “Speechless”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Originals”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Swamp Murders”, and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”.

What have you learned about yourself with each new role? 

Parker: Honestly, with each new role, I learn that this is the career I want to have for the rest of my life. Every time I’m working on set I have the time of my life and meet some of the most amazing people. No two productions are the same. So there are always new opportunities to learn about your peers and yourself.

Tell me about your music! You are the founder of two music bands, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and lead vocalist. What do you enjoy most about creating original music?

“I just love the idea of having an idea for a whole song in your head and somehow managing to get that idea translated onto your computer and out on the internet for the world to hear.”

Parker: Having switched instruments multiple times in my high school bands, I quickly learned the basics of guitar, drums, bass guitar, and keyboard. I really started getting into writing, producing, and mixing my own music this year when I got back to LA from filming Greyhound in Baton Rouge. I just love the idea of having an idea for a whole song in your head and somehow managing to get that idea translated onto your computer and out on the internet for the world to hear. 

In your latest song ‘TailorMade’, can you explain your creative process, and what the lyrics personally mean to you?

Parker: TailorMade was written pretty soon after I returned from Baton Rouge. It was sort of a summary of everything I had taken away from the past year and a half, going from struggling with acting and personal issues to having some really great successes and putting myself out there. 

What do you do for fun outside of the entertainment industry?

Parker: I’m starting to really enjoy cooking! I got a crockpot and it’s literally the easiest way of making anything. You just throw in all the ingredients, leave it on for 6 hours, and you’ve got a whole pot roast! It’s life changing. 

Who are the major influences that have inspired your life, and career so far?

Parker: Donald Glover really inspires me because he’s constantly growing and giving the world more amazing material. He doesn’t limit himself to what people think he should do. Starting as a writer, he moved to acting, then standup, rap, and directing. His career is so fluid.  

What one piece of advice would you give other youth wanting to follow in your steps?

Photo Credit: Valheria Rocha

Parker: I would say that it’s always important to keep your mind in check. It’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going the way you were hoping. But there’s a reason for everything and as long as you continue to work hard and keep your eyes peeled for the right opportunities, everything will work itself out.  

Success is always a team sport. And Gratitude should always be a two-way street. Can you a share who has helped you get where you’re at, and what do they mean to you?

Parker: My parents have always been my biggest supporters. They’ve never questioned my career path because they know that it’s what I want and that I’m ready to work for it. Without them, there is no way I would be able to continue doing what I’m doing now.


Photo Credit: Valheria Rocha 

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