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Natasha Wanigatunga: on life, gratitude, and diversity.

Something I have been feeling strongly passionate about is diversity. It is a privilege to experience different people and stories. It’s important to embrace what you have been given and not dwell on what you haven’t. For example, wanting another person’s features or lifestyle while not being appreciative of our own. As a model and actress, people can easily dwell in comparison, but our differences are needed in the world. I have recently been seeing a lot of diverse stories in film. I always appreciate them because I am learning while enjoying a piece of art.

One quote I have always loved is, “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.”

-Natasha Wanigatunga

In middle school I was teased for having big eyebrows. I changed them so many times to make them smaller in order to look like other girls. It didn’t work for my face shape and only made me unhappier. There came a day I had to accept what I have been given and choose to walk with confidence. Once you appreciate all that you have, you’ll live a graceful and happy life. Now I embrace and love the size of my eyebrows; so do the make-up artists I work with. If we always focus on what we don’t have, we don’t have the chance to share with the world all we do.

Natasha Wanigatunga on the unique size of her eyebrows.

A way to embrace our individuality is through gratitude. I have been taught to always say thank you. I wake up each morning and pray and meditate. I thank Christ for this day, my family, and health. As we are thankful for what we have, we are more in the moment. Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to share our authenticity to the world. I have learned to be bold as an artist and never let another person’s opinion discourage you. There are so many opinions in the world and what truly matters is your intention. By being ourselves, we’re putting something in the world that was not there before.

As a model and actress, you are not always going to get the role you want, or be the perfect fit for everyone. As you continue to embrace your authenticity, the right people will work with you and appreciate you. Then, life is more fun! Instead of looking at a door that is closed, think of a door that’ll be opened. A positive outlook in life is important in the industry. It takes a lot of planning, commitment, and hard work. Continue to not give up and trust your desires. It is a fast paced journey could be taken for granted if you are not grateful for the good and bad.


My advice for following your dreams is to embrace your differences, be grateful, and work hard while having a positive outlook on life! And don’t forget to continue to be a kid! I love to have fun, dance, and be adventurous. Life is as beautiful as we make it. It is important to have good work ethic, which is what my family has always taught me. However, enthusiasm for life and being in the moment is so inspiring to me. As we give ourselves to the world, the world will give back.

-Natasha Wanigatunga

Natasha Wanigatunga is a Sri Lankan model and actress. She has been modeling since she was 12 years old. She competed and won the title of Miss Sri Lanka USA 2015. She has modeled for brands like Pop Sugar, Nº21, Nordstrom, and Aeropostale, to name a few. You also might’ve seen her on Extra TV modeling for Rent The Runway. Not to mention, she worked on set with Francis Ford Coppola her first week after graduating college. She has been a guest speaker at many conferences on integrity and faith. As she continues her career, she inspires others to live a positive and graceful life.
Photographer credits: Maddy Welk, Jared Kocka, Jorden Keith 

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