Leila Jolene Star of Netflix’s 3-D Animation Series “Seven and Me” Interview

"Anything is possible if you can believe with all your heart that it can be done." -Leila Jolene

In this new interview Leila Jolene the star of the 3-D animation-live action series “Seven and Me” on Netflix describes her dream role as the modern day Snow White.

Never settling, the ambitious young actress, dancer, and singer from Pittsburgh has big dreams. She plans on attending UCLA, and building on her experiences to one day tackle film production.

You play the lead on the Netflix series “Seven And Me”, tell me about your role as Snow White?

Leila: Snow is the sweetest, kindest, most caring person ever. Always ready to help others no matter what the situation is. She is so creative and passionate about just everything she does; it’s really remarkable.

How excited were you to get this role?

Leila: I was ecstatic! I was so happy. I was laughing and crying; and just overwhelmed by happiness!! My dream came true, and I was so overjoyed by it.

This shooting style is the first of it’s kind using 3-D animation and live action. What is the preparation for a role like this?

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Leila: Usually before we shoot the scene, the director tells us where the dwarfs are and where they move in the room. To show their exact height and eye-line, there is a stick with two marbles on it so we can look at them while blocking the scene.

Also, they have cutouts of each dwarf to place them around to give us an eye-line. The rest of the interactions are up to the actor’s imagination.

“I was three years old the first time I was on stage in front of a large crowd of people. I’ll never forget everyone laughing, and clapping and how much fun I had that day.” – Leila Jolene

As an actress, dancer, and a singer; when did you first find out you had a gift to entertain?

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Leila: Since I was little, I have always enjoyed singing, acting, and dancing. I was three years old the first time I was on stage in front of a large crowd of people. I’ll never forget everyone laughing, and clapping and how much fun I had that day.

You are very passionate about giving back, how did you get involved with the IAHP, Habitat for Humanity, Celiac Disease Foundation, and the ADHD Foundation?

Leila: I am part of these organization on more of a personal level. A few of my friends have Celiac Disease, and I’ve seen how harmful it is to them. It’s important that everyone is aware of the detriment that these illnesses have on children. I hope that they, and other children can overcome these diseases, and disorders so they can be happy and healthy again.

Tell us about your family in Pittsburgh; has it been a big adjustment the more your career takes flight?

Leila: We have always traveled to see friends and family; and my dad often would have to travel for work. So, it just seemed like what we’ve always done. I would have to say, that it’s most difficult when my brothers are not able to come with me on a project, especially when I go to another country.

What do you find fun and exciting to do in your free time with family and friends outside of performing?

Leila: I love traveling with my family and my friends.  We always enjoy visiting monuments, museums, and places that are full of history.  We also go to the beach, or parks where we can go hiking and kayaking.

Who do you find inspiring in film, music, and dance?

Leila: Alexis Bledel and Melissa McCarthy are my favorite actors/comedians. Astrid S and Stromae are my favorite singers. And Lindsey Stirling for dance and violin.

What have you learned about the pursuit of your dreams?

Leila:That anything is possible if you can believe with all your heart that it can be done.

What’s next for you Leila??

Leila: I have a small project I am working on now, but after the holidays I’m going to go to L.A. for pilot season and see where my next job takes me.





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