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If you really know what you want in life, then it shouldn’t even be considered a risk.

My entire life has been a big series of risks.

When I first decided to study ‘film’ at college, most of my friends laughed at me. They said that being a filmmaker won’t get me anywhere in life, and that I’d be much better off if I studied something along the lines of business, medicine, or accounting.

And today I can confidently say that my ability to make awesome films has been the most valuable asset in my skill set in terms of building a brand and doing business in the online world. I would be nowhere near where I am today if I couldn’t make films.

A few years after college when I decided skip getting a job and instead to learn as much as I can about online marketing and learning all of the boring technical details that come with setting up an online business, everyone said I was insane!

They said that a job was NECESSARY and if I didn’t get one I’d be broke for life. Today, these skills are the solid foundation upon which I build each and every single one of my businesses… without these skills I’d never even be able to get started.

When I decided to get married at the age of twenty four, once again… everyone told me that it was a mistake to get married at such a young age… that I was ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ and that I should ‘enjoy life’ and not settle down with one person just yet.

Being married to my wife has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for, and all of the good fortune that has come out of it is honestly too much to count.

What’s sad is that a big majority of the people who had once decided to give me their unwelcome advice are now mostly living lonely lives working at a dead end job (in business or accounting) with very little meaning or sense of purpose in what they do.

And because of that, I am so damn happy that I never listened to them.

That I took the risks necessary to live the life that I wanted to live.

Because here’s the thing.

If you really know what you want in life, then it shouldn’t even be considered a risk.

Sure it will be hard at first and you’ll have many doubts along the way (I doubt myself daily) but as long as you choose the path that is true to YOU and you stick with it long enough, become the best at it and learn everything there is to learn about your field… then it will all pay off in the end.

And better yet, the opportunities will come to you in ways and forms and shapes and sizes you never even thought possible… and all of the dots will connect in the end.

When your heart calls out for it, don’t be afraid to take the risk.

Embrace it with everything you’ve got, work hard and have faith that things will work out just fine in the end. Risk everything if you have to.

Because at the end of the day, a life that is lived for the sake of everyone else… a life with no meaning, well… that’s not a life worth living anyways.

Risk everything if you have to.

- Karm Boubker
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    Karim Boubker

    Occasional film-maker. Full time writer & business builder. Medium is where I share my opinions & ideas about life. Newsletter @http://karimboubker.com.

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