Hundred Handed’s Jordan McGraw Talks Music, Life, and Having Fun! | ‘Miss California’ Interview

We want people to lose the guilt of having fun. Stop acting how they think they should act, and start being who they want to be.

Hundred Handed’s Jordan McGraw took some time away from saving the world to chat with the Blvd!  Jordan and bandmate Drew Langan are making their own path and ready to bring some much needed fun back to the music scene. The new single ‘Miss California’ and new EP in the works are just a taste of what’s to come from the Hundred Handed.

Hundred Handed – Miss California (Lyric Video)

 Where did the band’s name Hundred Handed originate from?

JM: The Hundred Handed are 3 creatures from Greek Mythology that, at one point helped overthrow the Titans. That’s the VERY short version of a long, amazing story that everyone should at least read the Wikipedia page.( link).

We liked the idea of these mortal creatures overthrowing the gods… And that’s what we’re here to do. We want people to lose the guilt of having fun. Stop acting how they think they should act, and start being who they want to be.

 “Our last 3 songs have come from shower ideas. I guess I just work better naked.” – Jordan McGraw on the secret to his songwriting.

What’s the key to making your band work?

JM: It’s just Drew and I and we’ve been in bands together for almost 10 years now. We just understand each other in a way that only spending that much time together could allow.

This band was the first time that Drew and I sat down and said “let’s do EXACTLY what we want. And to make having a positive, fun experience our number one priority.” In the past, we let other people take the fun out of the coolest job in the world. That’s just not an option with us now.

If you can’t have fun making music, then you’re doing it wrong.

What is your songwriting process like?

JM: Our process is different every time. Sometimes we start with a lyric idea… sometimes a riff… sometimes a melody. For some reason most of my ideas lately have happened in the shower. Our last 3 songs have come from shower ideas. I guess I just work better naked.

If you could collaborate w/ any 5 music artists or groups past and present who would they be, and why?

JM: Stromae because he is completely unique in how he approaches his artistic experience. Daft Punk because they create soundscapes that no one else can. Pharrell because he adds such style to his music. Blink-182 because they’re responsible for me learning how to have fun. Tina Turner because… legend.


Tell us about your Australian Tour. What was the coolest thing about your time “down-under”?

JM: The people for sure! We met so many people that are just excited about music! Everywhere we played had an amazing energy… even the conference rooms full of suits were fun. We played our first full live production show as Hundred Handed on that trip; and it was for 10,000 people! They couldn’t have been a better crowd to kick this thing off with.

What important life lessons have you learned from your collective journeys in the music business?

JM: Everybody has an opinion and none of them think they’re wrong.

What can your fans expect in the near future? 

JM: Plenty of music. We are just putting the finishing touches on our next release! We’ll be putting out an EP very soon. And more shows!

What would your advice be to the younger versions of yourselves?

JM: Don’t put up with other people’s bullshit.

How has this music allowed you to live out your dreams? 

JM: Music has really helped me learn a lot about myself. I’ve toured the country and parts of the world playing music, meeting people I never would have met, seeing things that I never would have seen, and having some very unique experiences. I wouldn’t be nearly the same person that I am without music.

As music artists, what inspires you to create?

JM: It’s just my favorite thing in the world. To see and hear an idea grow from its conception to a fully produced, finished song is a hard feeling to beat. Anything can be inspiring if you let it be.

When things go bad, or you hit a dry spell what’s your advice to young artists who want to give up on their dreams?

JM: Get used to it! If this was an easy business to succeed in then everybody would do it. There will always be people telling you why you’re doing it wrong. There will always be losing streaks with songwriting. There will always be hard times and empty shows… But it’s those tough moments that make any taste of success feel so great.




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