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As far as songwriting goes; I'm constantly writing notes in my phone and when I get in the studio I just try to make sense of it all.

Fresh off the release of their colorfully produced single “Rosegøld” Eyelid Kid discusses the secret behind the signature “Frosting Pop” sound. With the much anticipated “Sophomøre” album scheduled to drop in early 2018 the Blvd. had a few questions!

Tell us about “Rosegøld”, what is the story behind your latest single?

The “Rosegøld” project folder began as sort of a learning lesson to get better at building my own sounds from scratch.

As I started to vibe with the chords, I laid down some vocals that I ended up transposing (the low voice). This came out pretty naturally and 95% of it was written and recorded in one night.

Rosegøld by: Eyelid Kid

How long has your band been together and what makes it unique?

Eyelid Kid has been together for about 3 years. What makes us unique is our twin dancers, who bring an extremely engaging movement to the music. Also, the fact that it is all self-produced material.

As a producer and songwriter how would you describe your sound; and what makes it your own?

Eyelid Kid – Photography by Madeline Harvey

I describe it as Frosting Pop, which in my mind is a hue of light blues and pinks that mix together to create an emotional swell. It is unique because it is derived from my experiences and visions that stand alone.

So where did the name Eyelid Kid originate from?

Eyelid Kid – Photography by: Storm Santos @StormShoots

After acting in a dark and emotional short film in college, the director asked me to come up with a title for it. Eyelid Kid was 1 of 20+ names scribbled in my journal that I gave to him. Before the film was ever released, I asked him to change the name because I decided to run with the alias as my own.

Tell us a little about your upbringing, where you are from, your family?

I was born in Austin, TX in the mid 90’s. My family of 6 grew up on the northeast side, which was the cheapest area to live in at the time. My father being a rock-n-roll musician, naturally lead to my interest in music. So the bulk of my childhood was spent shredding guitars and learning the classic piano pieces he had composed for my siblings and I.

You also have an apparel line the EK Fashion Line. How did you get into fashion design, and how would you describe your personal style?

I believe my interest in fashion came along with my growing love for pop culture. My personal style reflects that as well as my determination to keep it unique.

Can you tell us about working with your longtime girlfriend and creative partner Violett Beane?

Yeah, Violett is one of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with. A lot of people mention the music video for Landscape that we did together, but our creative partnership goes a lot deeper than that one project. She is behind the camera, the second ear in the studio, and the designer of the Eyelid Kid website. (@Violett Beane is best known for her role as Jesse Quick in The CW’s The Flash)

If you could pick the brain of any music artist past or present; who would it be, and what questions would you ask?

At this point probably Frank Ocean. I’d ask… “What empowered you to be so vulnerable through your music?”

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – JUNE 11: Frank Ocean performs at The Parklife Festival 2017 at Heaton Park on June 11, 2017 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Visionhaus#GP/Corbis via Getty Images))

In 2018 you will be releasing your “Sophomøre” album, what can we expect to hear?

A dynamic range of emotional soundscapes, some spirited lyrics, and crunchy dance rhythms!

What is your creative process like?

 I generally start with a chord progression on a very basic tone, so that the root of the song is powerful enough on it’s own without any flashy production.

As far as songwriting goes; I’m constantly writing notes in my phone and when I get in the studio I just try to make sense of it all.

Where do you see yourself taking this music in the future?

I think it’s more about where the music takes me and what doors it opens. I’d love to license it to the film and fashion industries and see how it accompanies other bodies of work.





Eyelid Kid – Photography by: Storm Santos @StormShoots

Credits: Photography by Storm Santos and Madeline Harvey


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