Chase Pollock in “Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!” Talks Movie, Life As Young Actor, and More

It’s the Holiday Season and we recently interviewed up-and-comer Chase Pollock the lead actor in the newly released Bryan Michael Stoller family Christmas movie “Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!” co-starring Hollywood legend Ed Asner.

The Dallas, Texas teen has a promising future in entertainment; as an actor, singer-musician, and athlete he took time to answer a few questions for the Blvd.

Tell us about your new lead role in the holiday film: “Santa Stole Our Dog”?

CP: In Santa Stole Our Dog, I play Tommy, a teenage boy struggling with his parents divorce who doesn’t believe in Santa. He’s excited when his dad let’s them adopt a dog for Christmas and everything is great until Santa accidentally steals the Rusty the dog!

The journey continues from there! It was really fun shooting on set with all of the cast and crew, especially Bear the dog; we really became one big family! Bryan Michael Stoller, the director, was so great to work with. He’s such a kind person, and taught me so much.

How was it to be on set with the acting legend Ed Asner? Did you pick up anything you’ll add to your craft that you can share with us?

CP: It was fabulous to work with Ed Asner. It was quite an honor to watch him in action on set. He has a very specific acting process and was hilarious to work with. The greatest tip he shared with me was to be in the moment when filming any scene; and really embracing everything about the character that you play!

Coming from Dallas, Texas what does a typical Christmas look like with the Pollock Family?

CP: Well the great thing about Texas is it can be 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. So we could be enjoying an afternoon outside and then Christmas morning, it could be snowing – which actually did happen one year! My mom is Australian and the rest of the family is from Texas, so it is a combination of cultures and a whole lot of fun! I love it when all the Aussies are in town! It get’s crazy!

You are not only an actor, but a musician, and a athlete; how do you balance everything and still manage to have fun?

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CP: This year, I had to make some big decisions so I could focus more heavily on acting. That meant giving up football and lacrosse in order to pursue my passion. So I spend my time in acting class, guitar lessons, prepping for auditions and working out with a trainer to keep fit. I love spending my downtime hanging with my friends and family!

What have you learned from your experiences in the entertainment industry that have helped you in your personal life?

CP: The entertainment industry can be tough! So it has certainly taught me to never give up and to continue moving forward toward your goals! Handling rejection is a big part of this industry, but I think that is great preparation for life in general. I work through those times and I look forward to each and every new opportunity as they come up. So far I have been very blessed to work with great people!

You have an interestingly unique heritage, can you share your background with us?

CP: My mom is Australian and my dad is American and his grandmother is of French decent. My dad’s father also has Native American heritage, so we are quite a unique mix!

Do you have any advice for youth who want to pursue a career in acting but don’t live in Hollywood?

“Your individual qualities are what is going to make you unique in this industry, so don’t change them and don’t try to be anything you’re not.” – Chase Pollock

CP: My biggest words of advice would be to be yourself! Your individual qualities are what is going to make you unique in this industry, so don’t change them and don’t try to be anything you’re not. Spend as much time in LA as possible to get to know casting directors and other upcoming actors. It will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it helps to have that connection as projects come along!

What is next for you Chase?

CP: I am starring in an upcoming short film called Mount Liptak. It is a dramatic role that I am really excited about. It is based on a true story of the underaged servicemen in World War II. I played the lead role of Lester Liptak. It is a fascinating story that so many are not even aware of. It is currently being submitted to film festivals, so we have our fingers crossed for success!






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